Intelligent process automation

Automation of processes can eliminate errors, reduce biases and perform transactional work in a fraction of the time it takes humans. And, by adding AI we can intelligently capture data to further improve business process and integrate with external partners via automated workflows.

Modern automation and integration leverages microservices, SaaS architecture, and technologies such as robotic process automation. The SaaS market for automating processes is growing, and we now can assemble together a variety of best of breed applications rather than relying on a single software vendor for every need. The benefits are many, from streamlining business processes to serving content to customers on different devices.

“Robotic process automation (RPA) is becoming increasingly popular with large enterprise organizations…Typically, these organizations struggle to knit together the different elements of their accounting and HR systems, and are turning to RPA solutions to automate an existing manual task or process, or automate the functionality of legacy systems.” Gartner

Integro can help you:

Why Integro…

  • From our inception in 1995, Integro has been helping companies automate workflows

  • Integro brings deep experience in industries often most helped by process automation, including insurance, financial, manufacturing, oil & gas, and healthcare

  • Our business analysts have both deep industry experience and technical acumen

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