Do more with a modern approach to enterprise content

Digital transformation is happening all around us. Companies are moving to the cloud for email, collaboration, customer relationship management, and much, much more. Enterprise content management is evolving drastically, away from large on-premise systems to cloud Content Services that serve up best of breed applications, platforms, and ecosystems. Information governance is growing in importance due to increased regulations and risk, demanding new, modern ways of governing content. Customers and employees demand better sharing of content and findability.

Today’s content solutions offer us greater agility, efficiencies, increased collaboration, and help make our content more actionable. They leverage modern technologies such as AI, machine-learning, and auto-classification.

At Integro, we recognize that the digital transformation and modernization process is a journey. Many companies are unable to simply flip a switch and modernize, especially those in highly regulated industries and with complex enterprise content programs.

The path to a modern content approach (e.g., cloud Content Services) can be complex and complicated, and you need an experienced partner you can trust. That partner is Integro.

Integro can help you:

Request a Modernization Workshop

Many of our customers are asking for guidance on modernization. Should we upgrade our current system or move off it to something more modern? How can we benefit from modern technologies such as machine-learning, AI, containers, and SaaS? How do we ensure privacy and proper governance of our data if we move to the cloud? Integro is offering a variety of modernization workshops to help you. Choose from executive-level, IBM modernization, Microsoft modernization, or all 3. Learn more about our workshops and request one HERE.

Why Integro

  • Deep experience working with complex, highly regulated industries

  • Proprietary tools and products for migrations (VectorIEMA), modern email management (IEM), and more that are proven in the marketplace

  • Long-standing history working with and intimate knowledge of the most popular ECM systems and products (e.g., FileNet, Documentum, OpenText, SourceOne, and more)

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