Searchable & actionable content

Today’s workforce wants to find information fast. They want to search instead of browse and they expect to be able to search across multiple sources. Gone are the days of browsing folders in file shares and limited search criteria.

Once you’ve completed your Content Analysis and Content Cleanup, and begun to move forward toward modernization, you can target your energy on content of value and getting more out of it.

Enriching your content by tagging it with metadata increases findability, value, efficiency, governance, and most importantly makes content more actionable. Technologies such as AI and Machine-Learning simplify and automate this process so you don’t have to burden or trust your users to classify their files.

“…the question is no longer, “What is metadata?” or even “Why should we do metadata?” The question now is, “How do we make effective metadata happen in our enterprise?” – Gartner

Integro content enrichment services

Integro has been at the forefront of AI and Machine-Learning for years, having incorporated these technologies into our proprietary products such as Integro Email Manager’s SmartAssist. We can help you:

  • Use machine-learning to extract intelligent information out of new and/or legacy content and repositories
  • Implement tags to govern content retention for regulation compliance and more
  • Enrich content with auto-classification
  • Automate capture of content with AI
  • Analyze sentiment, video, and images

Why Integro…

  • Patented tools and technology for AI, machine-learning, and auto-classification

  • Wicked smart business analysts who can help identify opportunities to bolster business processes through enriched content

  • Deep experience with records management, content retention policies, and business process workflow
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