Clean up your content first, then modernize

Many companies today face a daunting challenge of cleaning up repositories with terabytes of content (file shares, SharePoint, ECM systems, email archives and more). Some have followed a strategy of keeping everything forever – that is, they’ve been using a “FISH” retention policy – first in, still here! Others literally have files residing in file shares dating back to their first implementation of local area networks.

In today’s world of tightening regulations, challenging eDiscovery, and ever-growing content volumes, now is the time to clean up content, especially as we also move to modernize our content systems. It’s a huge risk to keep around excess data, and the last thing anyone wants to do is unnecessarily migrate troves of content. Best to get your house in order first.

“GDPR aside, fewer than 10% of enterprises are successfully and comprehensively applying retention rules to data and, most importantly, following through with disposition.”Gartner

The process should start with a comprehensive Content Analysis across the enterprise to understand exactly what we have and where, and assign a value to that content. With that in hand we can move to action.

Integro Content Cleanup Services

Some content will no doubt contain sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and PII (personally identifiable information) which should be remediated to limit risk exposure. A wide array of remediation options exist, from mass file deletion and quarantine, to asking users to clean up their information. In-file edits may include redaction, masking, or tokenization.

Some content will have no value and should be disposed (i.e., ROT – Redundant, Outdated and Trivial). You need a way to quickly and confidently delete, both immediately and day-forward.

Some content will constitute business records and should be retained and defensively disposed according to corporate retention and disposition rules.

Integro is an expert at large content cleanup efforts and will help you put a plan in place that offers quick wins, minimizes user disruption, prioritizes milestones based on content value, and ultimately achieves your compliance, efficiency, and modernization objectives.

During the process, our experts will also help you understand how you can get more out of your content through Content Enrichment.

Why Integro…

  • Our business analysts understand your industry and will help plan a proper and efficient cleanup roadmap

  • We only work with proven, leading software products and have strong partnerships with those companies

  • Our experts are highly familiar with a wide array of repositories and platforms

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