Analyze content based on its value

As more companies move to the cloud and embark on digital transformation journeys, content analysis and content cleanup projects are getting significant attention. Whether the goal is deleting ROT (Redundant/Risky, Outdated/Obsolete, and Trivial), protecting sensitive data, preparing for a content migration, compliance with privacy subject access requests (e.g., CCPA, GDPR), or other objective, key steps should be taken to ensure a successful outcome and ROI.

Integro’s trusted framework starts with Content Analysis. Our experts will help you analyze, index, search, track, and report on the content you have residing across your enterprise, and in repositories of all types, including file shares, email databases, enterprise file sync and share, records management, enterprise content management, Microsoft SharePoint, data archives, and more.

“File Analysis enables valuable insight for the organization by providing improved knowledge regarding the location and usage of unstructured data, which often accounts for nearly 80% of the data footprint for an organization.” – Gartner Market Guide for File Analysis 2018

Integro Content Analysis Services

Key to Integro’s approach is helping you evaluate your content based on its value. Yes, there are many tools out there that allow you to search content for terms or specific types of data, but we take it a step further. We bring technologies such as advanced analytics and auto-classification into the mix to give you a better, bigger picture. We look at factors such as how the content was created to help you assign value. By assigning numerical values to different types of enterprise content, we can help you prioritize actions to take and get the biggest bang for the resources invested. Armed with this knowledge, we can then help you proceed to Content Cleanup.

Why Integro…

  • Deep experience analyzing very large quantities of data across multiple sources

  • Strong partnerships with leading file analysis vendors

  • Expertise working in highly regulated industries, such as finance, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, oil/gas

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