The content landscape is changing, and quickly…

Digital transformation is happening. Not only are companies moving to the cloud, but they’re looking to change the way they do business.

Expectations and regulations for governance of content are increasing.

Companies continue to be overwhelmed by massive volumes of retained data.

On-premise ECM systems have become expensive to run and maintain compared to modern options available.

As a company that has been in the enterprise content and information governance business for 23 years, we understand the challenges and feel your pain. We recognize that every company is undergoing some sort of content journey as they work to keep up with the speed of change. Whether you’re working to clean up your content or move to the cloud, we want to be your partner in that journey.

Our framework for information governance and content services provides a proven, tested series of components that will guide you to success as you modernize your content approach. The optimum place to begin is with Content Analysis, however you may begin anywhere and achieve your objectives.

Integro framework for information governance and content services

Content Analysis – Identify, assess, and categorize content based on risk and value.

Content Cleanup – Take action on content based on its risk and value. E.g., data of zero value is defensibly disposed; sensitive data is protected via non-disruptive processes or securing; data of value is retained for enrichment, records value, and business processes.

Platform Modernization – Develop a roadmap for and take steps toward modernizing content processes and digital transformation.

Content Enrichment – Enrich content to improve governance, process automation, and collaboration through tagging, classification, machine-learning, and AI.

Process Automation – Leverage modern automation and integration technology to improve business processes and integrate with external partners via automated workflows.

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