Take the headache out of moving data

Built for speed and efficiency, Integro’s Vector tools take the headache out of moving and/or updating large amounts of data that involve complex metadata.

Medium to large companies own and maintain multiple content repositories, ranging from ECM systems, to cloud content services, to file systems. As business requirements change, system updates happen or mergers and divestitures occur – these all drive needs to batch process or migrate this content.

Vector for Content Movement: supports the batch processing of content including the movement, such as for migrations and system updates, and for adding or editing such content. Currently Vector supports a unidirectional, fixed data flow. Batch types are defined for source content and commands process the content (including potentially moving to or updating a target content repository). Vector is an agnostic engine with connectors to a variety of other systems.

Vector for Content Updates: allows an end user to query documents and folders in IBM FileNet & IBM Enterprise Records, then make bulk updates. This tool is the simplest and most efficient way to update properties when aggregating record disposition at the Record Folder, Record Category or Box levels within IBM Enterprise Records. A simple, clean user interface allows for Administrators or Records Managers to quickly locate content or folders, make property changes or additions, and propagate those changes in mass within the system.

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